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30 Useful and Pleasant Things To Do When You’re Left Without Internet

With this list of useful and pleasant things to do without Internet, you will remember what real life is and realize that being without the Internet is not scary at all.

The terrible thing has happened: you do not have the Internet. There can be many reasons: the provider something broke, discharged smartphone, forgot to pay on time, all your devices at once appeared in the service center. Or you just decided to have a digital detox. These 30 things to do without Internet will help you to pass the time and even learn new skills.

1. Take a walk. A walk without your smartphone and eternal notifications can be something completely new.

2. Call your friends. Messengers and social networks have reduced live communication to nothing. Remember how it used to be.

3. Call your family. Not only Mom and Dad, but also Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, and Uncle.

4. Do your meditation. It’s not difficult at all, close your eyes and start counting inhales and exhales.

5. Go shopping. Treat yourself to a new dress, home decor, or just food you’ve never tried.

6. Make it a beauty day. Get a manicure, a pedicure, get your hair done. That goes for guys, too.

7. Cook something. It’s easy to make a delicious dish when you have a recipe on hand from the Internet. What about a culinary experiment?

8. Just look out the window and listen to the sounds around you. It is life.

9. Plant something. Looking for an affordable way to breathe more easily while you’re at home? Plants at home can purify the air in your apartment in a natural way and give you a fun excuse to stay away from your smartphone.

10. Go to the water park. Slides, pools, fountains, and other water activities are no worse than hanging out on social networks.

11. Go on a trip. Just take the bus or subway and go to the nearest station you’ve never been to. The bus between the cities will be even more enjoyable.

12. Have a board game night. It will surprise you, but many friends will agree to come and play.

13. Tidy up. There may have been some unwashed dishes in the sink and dust in the corners.

14. Revise the bookcase. No screen can replace the smell of a book or magazine. Besides, you can find a lot of inspiration in the retro magazine. And how nice it will be just to read an exciting book.

15. Write down your thoughts. Make a plan for this month. Dream about what you’ll spend the first million on. Yes, it’s not like posting on Facebook where they put likes, but the experience is quite exciting.

16. Get rid of the junk. A lot of people like to keep a warehouse of old and unnecessary things at home. Get up the courage and throw away all the rubbish.

17. Go to the cinema. Yes, you can watch all the new stuff on the Internet a little later for free, but why not make yourself happy with a big screen and a sweet popcorn?

18. Let go of your feelings and cry. The absence of the Internet is a serious loss!

19. Move the furniture. You’ll be surprised, but if you change places in the wardrobe and table, you’ll feel that you’re in a completely different apartment.

20. DIY something. You can turn old jeans into shorts and shirts into vests.

21. Go out on a date. Without Tinder and Badoo it’s real. The main thing is to be brave.

22. Watch TV. Apart from the news and soap operas, there are movies and educational programs.

23. Go through the photo albums. Remember how you were as a child, what your parents and grandparents were like. Feel the intergenerational connection.

24. Start renovating the apartment. It’s not difficult at all, clean the walls and buy liquid wallpaper.

25. Do some sports. Charge, run or visit yoga class – feel your body, wake it up. Maybe you even have a gym membership?

26. Fix something. Perhaps you have an old broken chair? Or do you need to sew something up?

27.  Change the environment. Go to a cafe, to the riverside, to a bench in the park. A new place can bring different thoughts and feelings.

28. Visit the museum. Unbelievable, but true: you can learn at the museum as much as you can from Wikipedia articles.

29. Spend time with your pet. You can play with cats and dogs, feed fish.

30. Get some sleep. Dreams can be even more exciting than Instagram stories.

Remember, it’s not scary to fall out of the information stream for a while and stay alone with reality.


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