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Best indoor plants that are good for sleeping


A bedroom is a personal place. There we are entertained from everyday life, fuss, and worries and plunge into the world of sleep and rest. But not always this process is easy, and you might ask yourself why does it take me so long to fall asleep? For good sleep, you need the right atmosphere: a comfortable bed, fresh air, twilight, and relax.

Did you know, some indoor plants can help you to reduce stress, anxiety and help to fight insomnia?


Lavender brings peace and comfort to the house. Its calming effect has been well known: it reduces stress, treats tension, tiredness and improves sleep. Plus, lavender leaves have antibacterial properties and destroy many harmful germs. Breathing easier and help with colds that what can make lavender essential oil.

Violet flower

This purple and black colored flower is a very common plant in the house, but not everyone knows about its beneficial characteristics. In addition to the fact that the violet flower not only pleases the eye with its flowering, it also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and reduces stress.


Melissa is well known as a calming tea plant. But you can also keep Melissa in the pot at home and it will help you sleep well. Melissa essential oils have a calming effect on the nervous system, regulate the emotional background, make you sleep deep and strong, and wake up cheerful.

Indoor lemon tree

A very handy plant, which is suitable for both the workplace and the bedroom. The main function of the lemon is to lift your spirits. It has a bright stimulating smell, which calms the nerves and improves mood. Moreover, citrus essential oils increase work capacity and stabilize emotions.


Another natural sleeping pill you can get at home on your windowsill. Gardenia has a mild unobtrusive scent that has a beneficial effect on the brain “sleep center”.

As a result, you relax and smoothly sink into your sleep.

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