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6 steps to achieve harmony, asana, which will change your life

Sometimes there are periods in life when everything goes wrong. Stresses, problems, and anxieties are overwhelming, you feel devastated and broken. Here we offer you to try a pose that will help to bring harmony back into your life and set you in the right way. Practice it every time you are in a bad mood. Unbelievable, but only 6 simple steps will help you change your mood!

Step 1

First, find a comfortable meditation posture that will not cause you discomfort. To avoid being distracted by time and immerse yourself in a more meditative state, you can set the timer for 20 or 30 minutes.

Step 2

Put your hands on your knees with your palms up so that the index fingers are connected to the ends of your thumbs and the rest of your fingers are separate from each other. This position of the hands is called Jnana Mudra. Try to relax all muscles, eliminate any tension. Straighten your back and raise your chin so that the neck seems to be forming a single line with the spine.

Step 3

Now try to transfer your mind to the center of your chest. To immerse the mind in meditation, begin to repeat the “om” sound with each exhalation. You do not have to do it out loud: you can repeat the sound to yourself, imagining that the sound comes from your chest as if your heart had mouths. But it will still be easier for beginners to repeat it out loud, so you don’t lose concentration.

Step 4

When you work with sound, it’s important to imagine how it expands, fills all the space, your whole body. Visualize the sound to achieve maximum relaxation.

Step 5

If you begin to have unwanted thoughts and emotions, direct them to the power and fullness of sound. Do not let emotions take over your mind, you must remain calm and the sound “ohm” will be your assistant. Gradually, you will learn to suppress unnecessary emotions, to dissolve them in the sound and in your serenity.

Step 6

When you realize that the meditation has worked and you are ready to finish it, put your hands in the wisdom of reverence at chest level: your palms are folded together and your fingers facing up. This is to transfer the energy of your meditation into your life.

The described asana requires a high level of concentration and visualization skills, but believe me, it is worth learning it!

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