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Are you possibly allergic to avocado? Of course, and these are symptoms…


Avocado is becoming more popular, which means that more and more people use it in their meals. More exposure to any food or product increases the chances of allergies. Especially the avocado. Lots of people have reported having allergic reactions to the fruit.

Types of  avocado allergies

Two types of allergies to avocado exist: The first type is an oral allergy to avocado due to oral allergy syndrome. You may have an oral allergy to avocado when you are already allergic to birch pollen. Fruits and veggies that grow next to birch pollen can trigger an allergic reaction if you are sensitive to it. These allergy symptoms affect the mouth and throat.

Another avocado allergy is related to a cross-reaction with latex. Some people who are allergic to latex are allergic to many fruits, including avocados, bananas, melons, and kiwis. This condition is known as a latex-fruit syndrome. About 35-50% of people with latex allergy show sensitivity to certain plant products.

Symptoms of avocado allergies

Oral allergy symptoms to avocado include:

  • itching in the mouth;
  • scratchy throat;
  • mouth and throat swelling.

Latex avocado allergy symptoms include:

  • lip swelling;
  • sneezing;
  • itching eyes;
  • discomfort in the stomach;
  • anaphylactic reaction;
  • hives.

Diagnosis of avocado allergies

There is no commercial test for allergies to avocado, but there are ways we can test you for allergies to avocado, such as food problems. While you are eating, your doctor will feed you a small amount of avocado to see if it causes allergies to food. Although you may be tempted to do a food test at home, it must be done under clinical conditions. In the case of a strong allergic reaction, the doctor should be present during all food problems.

Your doctor may also want to take a pollen and latex allergy test. It will help determine the risk of allergies to avocado. In this case, an allergist may use a skin test to check for these allergic reactions. If you are allergic to avocado, the results of this test are likely to be positive.

Treatment of avocado allergies

If your symptoms are mild, which may be associated with oral allergies, an over-the-counter antihistamine may help treat them. For skin-related signs, look for cortisone cream that can help with itching and hives. Your doctor may also prescribe a cream for those who need more potent drugs.

For more massive allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis, you may need an autoinjector of epinephrine. Although avocado rarely causes life-threatening reactions, it is possible. If you do have anaphylaxis after avocado, you should prescribe adrenaline to treat your symptoms. An allergist will teach you how to take your medication.

It is also possible that immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, can treat allergies to pollen-related avocado. Immunotherapy can reduce patients’ sensitivity to pollen and other environmental allergies over time. It may take several months to treat symptoms of allergic injections, but it is a long-term solution that will make you feel better.

It is also vital to avoid avocados. You can hide it in some recipes, such as vegetarian or paleo. Some recipes even use it as an oil substitute. So when you have dinner, ask for a list of ingredients.

Allergies are similar to or related to avocado allergies

Allergies to avocado are associated with latex allergies. Because of cross-reactions, many people who are allergic to latex also react to avocados. Symptoms of latex allergy are similar to those of avocado allergy and may include severe reactions. If you are allergic to avocado, you should take a latex allergy test.

Allergies to avocado may also be associated with allergies to wood nuts. Studies show that avocado has proteins that look like chestnuts. So if you’re allergic to chestnuts, that might explain your allergy to avocado. These allergies are usually heavier. They may cause more anaphylaxis. You should seek treatment immediately for avocado exposure.

Avocado allergies Frequently Asked Questions:

What causes avocado allergies ?

Allergies to latex, pollen, or tree nuts can cause allergies to avocado. In cases where these allergens do not provoke your allergy to avocado, the cause is unknown.

Can an avocado cause skin allergies?

Allergens can be present on the skin of an avocado, mainly due to pollen. In some people who are sensitive to dust, avocado can cause a skin reaction when touched.

Can avocado allergies be cured?

Over time, avocado can become less sensitive. In patients undergoing immunotherapy, pollen allergies may become less pronounced.

Can washing avocado stop an allergic reaction?

Often allergens are only found on the outer layer of a fruit or vegetable. Washing them carefully can help stop an allergic reaction.

How avocado allergies diagnosed?

Allergies to avocado usually diagnosed due to food problems. An allergy sufferer can also use a skin test to diagnose pollen, latex, or wood nuts allergies because they are the leading causes of allergies to avocado.

How to treat avocado allergies?

In some cases, allergies to avocado can be treated with immunotherapy. In other cases, symptoms of avocado allergy can be treated with antihistamines and creams with cortisone.


Although allergies to avocados are rare, they can be serious. It’s crucial always to be ready for an allergic reaction.

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