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Deodorant Not Working?

Deodorant Not Working?

I think we all of us once thought about these questions: whether women can use men’s sweat products, why on some days favorite sweat products do not work, and what form (roller, stick, or powder) works best.

Can I use male deodorant?

The physiology of sweating in men and women is no different, so antiperspirants for men and women on the content and proportion of active components are very similar: the same aluminum salts and fragrances. But their quantity may vary. Men have more sweat glands, and they work more actively. That’s why there is a difference: in men’s products, there may be slightly more salts of aluminum (but it is “a little” – an overdose can have a negative effect even on the male body) and more alcohol.

The choice is yours: you may use the men’s product, especially if you prefer unisex perfume.

Do the stick, roller, and spray deodorants have different efficiency?

Yes, there is a real difference – efficiency. Spraysmare the weakest and most short-term in effect. They have some limitations: they should not be used by those who have problems with the breathing system (the product can be inhaled by accident), people with sensitive skin and allergic (almost half of the sprays created based on alcohol). But they are usually not stained cloth and dry out quite fast.

In the same category can be attributed to an environmentally friendly analog of sprays – powders. Their ingredients usually include talc, perlite, and essential oils in various combinations. Powders typically do not contain any aluminum salts and do not have a regulating effect; their strength is in their ability to absorb moisture already released. Besides, high-quality fine powder can be used for the whole body: it protects against rubbing with straps of clothes or tight shoes.

Rollers perfectly protect and do not dirty clothes, there are many hypoallergenic products without alcohol and fragrances, but their drying takes time. They are the best choice for regular or slightly excessive sweating.

Stick, cream, or gel antiperspirants provide reliable protection as they form a thick film when applied. But slightly heavier than should have been this case. And it’s hard to wash marks on the cloth after using them.

Which products can be used by people with excessive sweating?

There is a group of products created to fight with hyperhidrosis, but they are not usual antiperspirants.
These products created for people whose sweating rate can be called excessive – often, these are those who have vascular dystonia, women during menopause, teenagers, patients with unstable blood pressure. Typically, these are creamy or hard textures (“stones”), some of which are suitable for application on the palms and soles.
Usually, the texture of these antiscalants is creamy or hard (“stones”), some of which are suitable for use on the palms and soles.

It is recommended to use deodorant before bed.

When to put on deodorant?

Deodorants and antiperspirants should be applied to clean and dry (mainly – dry) skin, and (you will be surprised!) It is better to use deodorant before bed. During the night period, a body has the weakest sweating. The antiperspirant must be absorbed and work effectively. But most of us use these hygiene products in the morning, which is not really right. The fact is that the aluminum salts contained in the products when in contact with moisture form a gel-like substance that prevents sweating to the surface of the skin.

If this contact occurs not in the sweat glands, but on the surface of the skin (when mixed with water), the product does not have time to act. Therefore, applying antiperspirant to the skin immediately after showering is the right way to reduce the effectiveness of the product. To prevent this, you should dry armpits well with a towel or even walk a bit without clothes.

Why does the deodorant work on some days and not on others?

There can be several factors — for example, clothes. Synthetic fabrics do not let water in, so the skin is a synthetic jacket sweat more. Besides, the sweat, unable to concentrate, accumulates. That is why, on the same intense days and with the same antiperspirant in a cotton or linen shirt, we feel comfortable, and in a synthetic blouse, you can feel moisture.

The intensity of sweating also matters, and it can vary. For some people stress sweating, or sweating after physical activity (usual walking on heat does not cause any effect, but a short cardio workout checks antiperspirant on durability). Especially such sweating is visible if the deodorant applied recently and did not have time to absorb in sweat glands. If you notice this feature, take antiperspirants labeled “anti-stress” or “under exercise”: they can retain even a very sharp and abundant tide of moisture.

Diet also plays a role: some foods can increase the unpleasant smell of sweat (for example, after fruit or sweets, the body smells quite lovely, and after frying, dishes with mayonnaise or onions – totally different). Also, some products might increase sweating: like honey and raspberries, caffeine, salty and pickled dishes, seasonings.

The day of the cycle also matters: before and during your period, sweating can be a little more intense than usual.

Finally, it is worth considering the state of health: sometimes recovery from ODS is accompanied by asthenia, that is, weakness and abundant sweating at low and quite normal loads when no antiperspirant does not save. This time is to wait, supply the body with vitamins, and help it recover.

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