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Emotional hunger


Have you ever had such a thing that suddenly makes you want to eat a certain product?
It is important to understand that real, emotional hunger never comes suddenly, it is a growing feeling.
If it happens suddenly, it is emotional hunger.

If you suddenly feel like to eat:

♦️ Sweet and creamy, like caramel, marshmallow, soufflé, ice-cream

It may mean that right now some of your needs are not being met. You are in the formation period of your needs.
Need for love, warmth, hug, safety, contact, pleasure, approval, support and so on.

🗝 What can I do?
Ask yourself what kind of need closes this food and why you failed to satisfy it?

♦️ To have something to nibble on

Seeds, chips, popcorn, nuts, etc.
This is almost always about your basic emotion called aggression.
Usually, if there is no contact with this emotion, or if it is impossible to be angry (at the husband, at the mother, at the child), the body tries to process the impulse with something that can literally “bite into”.
🗝 What to do?
Ask yourself “who am I angry with now” and in general to deal with this emotion.

♦️ Spicy, salty, pickled

Cucumbers, chili peppers, Chinese food, etc.
This is about how average and ordinary your life seems to you. And an attempt by taste buds to awaken this taste in your life.
🗝 What to do?
Find a way to make your life brighter, and at the moment of such emotional hunger to distract your attention to other activities.

♦️ Meat

We want meat when the body is unable to process some emotions or feelings. This is a need for grounding, an attempt to feel the ground under your feet (in all senses of the word).
The aggression will be also right here.
🗝 What to do?
To ground, literally, lower your attention to your feet and stay in it for a couple of minutes. Do not forget to breathe.

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