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Everyday skin care routine

Sadly, youth and beauty are not lasting forever. But you can cheat age if you choose the right daily care for yourself. Skin needs special attention, it needs proper nourishment, training and drinking regime. Here we are happy to share with you the most effective facial care procedures, as well as tell you what time it is best to do them.

Morning skin care.

To wake up more easily and get your skin back healthy, you need to take a series of simple but effective steps:

Start the morning with a glass of water.

The water is energizing and refreshing. And if you add lemon, which is rich in vitamin C, the drink will help to fight wrinkles and pigment spots. This citrus is involved in the synthesis of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity.

Get into face fitness.

Give at least five minutes to facial gymnastics. With regular special exercises, you can strengthen your face muscles, improve blood circulation and lymphatic movement in the tissues. The effect of face fitness is accumulative. After a few weeks, you will notice how the skin on your face begins to soften, becoming firmer and tighter.

Wash up.

Morning washing is different for each skin type. Contrasting washings that improve subcutaneous blood circulation are suitable for someone – the face will get a healthy color. Someone should choose to treat their face with pieces of ice made from herbal tea. To understand what you need, ask a specialist for advice.

Clean and moisturize your skin.

Some people think that a skin cleansing procedure can be neglected in the morning, but this is a big mistake. Overnight, sebum and dust accumulating on your face. Cosmetologists advise using a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Then apply a tonic, which will not only complete the cleansing procedure but also prepare the skin for the next stage – hydration. Apply the moisturizer to your skin and your face is ready to make up.

Day skin care.

During the day most women have an impressive layer of cosmetics on their faces, so no cleansing procedures are required. However, do not leave the skin completely neglected during the day. There are some important things to keep in mind:

Fix your make-up properly.

During the day, women like to “powder their nose” by applying the makeup layer by layer. But they hardly think that thus clogged pores, and it can provoke the appearance of blackheads and acne. Therefore, if the face appeared oily gloss, use matting wipes. If the makeup does not hold at all – the blush slipped, mascara and eyeliner smeared, and the shadows rolled, it is better to wash and put everything again.

Use moisturizers.

During the day, your skin needs extra hydration, especially if you are in an air-conditioned room. One of the few products that can be applied over makeup is thermal water. It’s great if you give your skin a break from make-up: you can delight your skin with a refreshing mask, or simply treat your face with a tonic and then apply a light cream.

Do not touch the face.

Many of us have a habit of always touching the face, which is very bad for your skin health. Firstly, it loses firmness and elasticity more quickly because of unnecessary touching. Secondly, it can be one of the main causes of inflammation in the skin, as it is difficult to keep hands clean.

Keep drinking conditions.

The skin is well hydrated when the whole body gets enough water. That’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated all day long.  Experts believe that an average person should consume at least two liters of clean water per day.

Evening skin care.

In the evening, the skin should rest from accumulated dust and various cosmetics, so take care of its cleansing. If you still have strength, pamper yourself with nourishing masks, various peelings or gentle massages. But never forget the mandatory stages of care:

Thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin.

First, use a special foam or milk to remove all the cosmetics from the skin. Then you can perform a deeper skin cleansing procedure using scrubs or masks. After – use a tonic, which will not only remove the remains of the cleanser but also shrinking the pores. Properly selected tonic will slowly tighten the structure of the skin, making it smoother and more elastic. Only after cleansing and toning your skin will it be ready for moisturizing. Overnight, you can use creams, permanent masks or serums with a more nourishing and thicker texture.


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