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Matcha tea for weight loss

The obsession with the matcha tea began years ago when Gwyneth Paltrow told us in an interview about her firm decision to give up coffee and switch to this tonic drink.

Until then, only a bunch of vegans and fans of Japan knew about the matcha, and ordinary people treated it as skeptics.

However, many years have passed since then, and a healthy lifestyle has become as essential to beauty as selfies or high heels.

Nowadays, in the most famous cafes, biggest megapolises in the word with the green powder making matcha tea lattes, cold matcha tea, matcha smoothies. Celebrities and food bloggers are going crazy for matcha green tea cake and matcha ice cream. There are so many ways to add matcha in your diet, you even can use it fin simple recipes, one of them is healthy matcha cake. 

Matcha green tea, what is it?

Matcha tea is a special kind of green tea made from a plant named Camellia Sinensis.

During its growth period, it produces large amounts of tones and caffeine, which, in combination with arcs and a friend, simultaneously soothe and energize.

This tea has been popular in China and Japan since time immemorial, and by the way, it has been used not only for making drinks but also as a colorant.

Matcha green tea from Japan.

One of the main discoveries of the useful properties of matcha tea was the fact that in addition to giving tone, strength, and increase the overall endurance of the body, this drink promotes weight loss. Therefore, if this question is essential for you, here are a few reasons why you should start the drinking Matcha tea for weight loss:

  • Matcha tea helps to boost metabolism and helps the body to burn it’s own fat four times more effectively, without causing classical side effects of increased metabolism, such as higher blood pressure, higher heart rate, etc.;
  • Matcha tea is a source of L-theanine, a natural amino acid that is a unique natural antidepressant and relaxant. It has a direct effect on the amount of activity, increases energy, and desire to move. It also affects the production of serotonin and dopamine – hormones of joy, the lack of which causes the desire to “eat” stress sweet and fat;
  • Matcha tea purifies the body from chemical toxins and heavy metals thanks to the increased level of chlorophyll (a powerful natural antioxidant) in tea leaves;
  • Matcha tea normalizes cholesterol levels. People who drink it daily have a higher level of good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol), which is responsible for transporting fats into the liver (for further processing them into bile) and for removing excess cholesterol from the body;
  • Matcha tea contains the most antioxidants compared to all other teas. Antioxidants are antioxidant chemicals that neutralize free radicals and slow down the body’s natural aging process. Mate tea contains 100 times more of the most potent antioxidant EGC (epigallocatechin) than any other tea, which is famous for its potent anti-cancer properties.

How to drink matcha tea for weight loss?

Replace your morning coffee with a matcha tea with skimmed milk. With L-Tianine, this drink will saturate your body with soft, smooth energy for 4-5 hours;

Replace your midday snack with a pure matcha tea without milk. See how to prepare for matcha. With its natural sweet taste, this drink will satisfy the classic afternoon sugar thirst.

Even with such ingenious tricks, positive results will not wait!

How do you prepare matcha?

  • Use a chashaku (bamboo tea scoop), 1 1/2 to 2 scoops of matcha (1/2 teaspoon) into a chawan (tea bowl).
  • Add 1/4 cup of boiling water to chawan.
  • With chasen (bamboo tea whisk), whisk the matcha and hot water. Keep the chasen vertically and try not to reach the bottom of the bowl. Mix slowly until matcha is dissolved. Then quickly flit back and hence in the middle of the bowl.
  • When a slight foam has grown, gently lift the whisk from the center of the bowl, and your matha tea is ready.

As you see, you might have a special matcha tea set at home to prepare matcha. Including: a chawan, chasen, chashaku, and a natsume . However, you can also make matcha without using the traditional set, just follow the basic recipe above and use a small, round bowl and a whisk.

 What does matcha tea taste like?

The taste of Matcha’s is like the first taste of red wine or dark chocolate. It’s somewhat hard to define, and yet, it’s overwhelming. There is something in particular about Matcha tea that will not uncover itself to your taste for the first few tries. 

Because of the high chlorophyll and amino corrosive substance, Matcha tea has a one of a kind vegetal taste and awaiting sweet delayed flavor impression. For many people, as at first taste feels unusual and even somewhat odd. That waiting sweetness should make the mouth water, fully expecting the following taste.

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