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Those of you who still just looking into that fitness stuff but could not start it yet. We agree it might be very devasting. Too many choices, various plans, different coaches, countless applications! Still, what to choose that will might turn you to dream body? So, this is how your fitness adventure begins. You might try many different things before to find the right one for you, but you got to start now! Then, here I want to share with you that helped me to start and stick to a workout routine, monthly workout calendar for a simple start!
I have drawn out a simple monthly calendar that will take you now from the comfort zone and make you healthiest, the fittest, happier person then you are now just in 4 weeks. I promise you you will start to enjoy and look forward to new workouts. And you can download the monthly workout calendar absolutely for free. So let’s begin!

Also, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite workouts to get you in the right direction!

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