Mind Power

6 steps to achieve harmony, asana, which will change your life

Sometimes there are periods in life when everything goes wrong. Stresses, problems, and anxieties are overwhelming, you feel devastated and broken. Here we offer you to try a pose that will help to bring harmony back into your life and set you in the right way. Practice it every time you are in a bad …

Nutrition And Fitness

Truth about buckwheat and buckwheat diet

Recently buckwheat getting more and more popular around the world and buckwheat diet a necessary part of people who watch their weight and taking care of their health. Buckwheat benefits.  Buckwheat contains a large number of microelements and vitamins. Keeping its beneficial parts, buckwheat significantly improves health and brings priceless benefits to our body: 1. …

Nutrition And Fitness

Joy of yoga: What happens to your body when you start doing yoga?

Yoga is a practice with a history of thousands of years, and it has not given up its position so far. Why does that happen? It’s simple. Yoga promotes rejuvenation of body and mind, helps to focus on yourself and your inner world. So yoga is a time to improve physically and spiritually, to learn …