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Skinny with cellulite: How I Got Rid Of My Cellulite

Skinny with cellulite. How I finally manage to get rid of it.

Cellulite is one of the most common problems faced by 92 percent of women in the world. Unfortunately, the orange peel can appear regardless of your body shape, and even skinny girls can be with cellulite. Most of us are familiar with butt, arms and belly cellulite.

Too intense training can play the opposite role in fighting cellulite

Cosmetologists say that fighting cellulite requires consistency and is based on several key principles: physical activity, salon procedures, home care, and a healthy diet, almost eliminating sugar, alcohol, and saturated fats. The main thing is to know some necessary aspects. For example, too intense training can play the opposite role. The course of salon procedures should be done at least once a year and on specific equipment selected for you. Sessions should be at least 12, and it is crucial to be consistent. It would be best if you did not go to the salon for a week and then skip the procedures. Home care, which includes the use of anti-cellulite agents, should be done every day. For these rules to work even more effectively, there are additional recommendations.

Anti-cellulite and modeling cream are not the same thing

Choose the right product.

I discovered that Anti-cellulite and modeling cream are not the same thing. The first is needed if you need to fight localized fat and cellulite on the glutes, sides, belly, or knees. Usually, there are two types of anti-cellulite products that work either on the effect of cold or heat. Both variants activate blood circulation, remove toxins, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic, which causes the orange peel to disappear gradually. If you want to lose weight in general, choose simulators. They usually contain active lipolytic ingredients that eliminate the extra centimeters and promote fluid removal from the body.

Prepare your skin.

As we all know, after a scrub, any product is absorbed better and more efficiently. I peeled my skin off at least once a week. It helped me to see the result of the cellulite control much faster.

Get a dry massage before shower.

Morning or evening showers are a great addition to anti-cellulite care. Strong jets of water activate blood circulation and tighten the skin. It is important to make sure that the water is not too hot and does not exceed 35 degrees. Heat makes the skin less elastic and increases cellulite. Before showering, I applied dry massage with a brush or special glove. After leaving the shower, I used an anti-cellulite cream to the treated areas.

Work each zone differently.

The method of applying the anti-cellulite cream depends on the zone. Circular movements are suitable for gluteal massage. Using the cream on the belly, start from the area around the navel, massage first the left and then the right side. Next, go to the thighs. I worked on the inside and massaged the legs with lifting movements, applying anti-cellulite products from bottom to top.

Take care all the time.

I had to be patient and give this process time, the fight against cellulite is long. Hurry will lead to inefficiency and wasted effort. Only two or three minutes will be enough for the remedy to work well, but daily and ideally in the morning and evening. By following all the rules all the time, I saw the result in three weeks. The skin became firmer, smoother, and tighter.

Only what I need to do now its to save these fantastic results.

The rules to help prevent cellulite

  • Do not wear too tight clothes and heels above six centimeters. If the outfit is also close to the body, blood circulation slows down. It is especially true for skinny jeans, which tighten up the most problematic areas and thus cause cellulite.
  • Restrict salt and sugar consumption. Salt retains fluid in the body, and sugar accumulates directly in the cells of adipocytes, which are mainly fat cells. The same goes for alcohol and carbonated beverages.
  • Walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Walk after work or choose a place to eat away from the office and take a walk. Walking will strengthen muscles and bones, help burn calories, and remove toxins from your body.
  • Eat a proper food, include cellulite reducing foods in your diet and supply your body with vitamins.


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