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Superfood Myths: 13 ‘Superfoods’ That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think

The trend for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss generates various advertising proposals and myths about “super healthy” products. Not even products, but cures! Of course, there are no products that make you lose weight. It would be convenient, of course. But the healthy eating industry presents new products that are must-have on a diet.

I’ve met many people who believe that healthy eating is:
a) it’s expensive;
b) requires special super products.
And those are the first myths as you can easily eat healthy on a budget. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

Flaxseed oil

Idea: contains a lot of omega-3.
Actually: omega-3 is a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, namely EPA, DHA, ALK, and others.
♻️ To make things easier: EPA and DHA are “ready,” contained in animal products, while ALC (contained in vegetable oils, linseed oil) synthesizes EPA and DHA, but in small amounts.
Conclusion: Flaxseed oil is useful, but do not make it a cure-all, let alone an empty stomach, and as a source of Omega-3, it is better to eat fish and seafood 2-3 times a week.

Goji Berries

Idea – you can lose weight, get rejuvenated, etc.
Actually – They are nearly out of fashion, but let me remind you that they don’t help to lose weight, and the vitamins are more in an ordinary apple. In fact: there is no scientific research to prove the benefits of these berries.
Conclusion: You can eat these berries if they’re pleasant for you.

Chia seeds

Idea – help to lose weight, useful for stomach and intestines, rich in vitamins.
Actually – it is. Large amounts of fiber, balanced seed composition, the high nutritional value reduce appetite and improve gut function. You can make various beautiful puddings with them.
Conclusion: So feel free to pour any liquid, yogurt and eat it for your health!

Green coffee

Idea – burn fat and help you lose weight.
Actually – there is indeed a study that shows that women who drank green coffee have lost more weight than those who did not. True, there were only 16 people in this study, and the producer of green coffee sponsored it, and so all is nothing.
Conclusion: Green coffee has the same effects as roasted coffee. But it’s definitely not “fat burning.”


Idea – contains vitamin B12, a large amount of protein that vegetarians lack, and in general, it is not an alga, but a miracle.
Actually – Yes, it’s rich in protein and vitamins, but it’s also buckwheat, beans, fish, and seafood could give you almost the same value.
Conclusion: Yes, it’s useful, but don’t torture yourself or drink if you don’t like it.

Wheat sprout juice

Idea is to slow down the aging process.
Actually: Wheat sprout juice is beneficial and contains vitamins and trace elements like parsley juice, celery, etc. By the way, the apple has a lot of vitamins. And in broccoli. But for some reason, it is the juice of wheat sprouts that gets a unique benefit in the minds of people, because it is more exotic.
Conclusion: Drink if you like.

Raw cocoa

Idea – slows down the aging process and is generally beneficial.
Actually – it can be dangerous. Raw cocoa beans contain large amounts of toxins, and it is not sure what effect they will have on our bodies. However, roasted cocoa has a pleasant odor and is sugar-free.
Conclusion: Why torture yourself?


Idea – Rich in plant protein makes this cereal one of the most suitable products for a vegetarian diet. In turn, the fiber in the composition of grains for a long time provides a sense of satiety and responds to the normalization of digestive functions.
Actually – an excellent substitute for quinoa could be buckwheat, millet, and oatmeal. All these cereals are whole grains and are absolutely interchangeable.
Conclusion: Why spend more?

Plant milk

Idea – is high vitamin and microelement content, protein content. It is more beneficial than natural.
Actually – Normal milk should not be replaced by expensive lactose-free or plant milk if you are not intolerant. With moderate usage, there’s no difference between weight and health.
Conclusion: Drink if you like.

Coconut butter

Idea – to speed up the metabolism in the human body by helping to get rid of extra weight and to normalize the GIT organs.
Actually – The popularity seems to have calmed down, but in general, it is important to understand that coconut butter is a rich fat, which is like butter. It’s not good or bad, don’t replace all the butter with coconut butter only.
Conclusion: You may use different butter.

Fructose, topinambur syrup, agave nectar, often used as a sugar substitutes

Idea – you can replace sugar with them as it’s good for weight loss.
Actually – it is ADDITIONAL sugar, which may have a slightly lower glycemic index, but in the amount that we can consume it, this difference is insignificant. It gives you also a false sense of safety, and you have to control yourself.
Conclusion: We need to learn to eat healthy eating habits: not to be afraid of sugar and learn how to eat it moderately.

Coconut sugar

Specially brought it out as a separate sugar substitute, because everything here is quite impressive.
Idea – It has a lower GI and a slightly lower caloric value than regular sugar.
Actually – as it’s less sweet, you add more.
Conclusion: You can use regular sugar, you don’t have to be afraid of it. The main thing is moderation.

Rice, coconut, oats, and other kinds of flour

Idea is that you can eat muffins, a bakery, pasta, etc., from this flour without being afraid.
Actually – the type of flour is not as important as the way it is processed. Choose flour made from whole grains, and then even wheat flour will be fine.
Conclusion: You don’t have to look for lotus flower flour that came up at sunrise.

This post is not appealing to stop to eat or buy these products. This post meant to realize that to eat healthy – you do not need exclusive products.
Let’s sum up: eat enough and diverse.

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