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Truth about buckwheat and buckwheat diet

Recently buckwheat getting more and more popular around the world and buckwheat diet a necessary part of people who watch their weight and taking care of their health.

Buckwheat benefits. 

Buckwheat contains a large number of microelements and vitamins. Keeping its beneficial parts, buckwheat significantly improves health and brings priceless benefits to our body:

1. In terms of amino acids, buckwheat protein is close to animal products and therefore is an excellent substitute for meat. Meanwhile, buckwheat is digested much easier.

2. Buckwheat supports blood sugar levels. After eating buckwheat, the sugar level rises slowly, rather than jumping up like in other carbo containing foods.

3. Buckwheat is rich in folic acid, which increases the overall body’s defense to negative environmental factors.

4. Buckwheat is an ecologically clean product. This plant just doesn’t need chemicals. Buckwheat tree grows perfectly without fertilizer, and it can cope with pests without any help.

5. One of the most important benefits of buckwheat is that it can fight cancer. Because of flavonoids content, buckwheat prevents tumor growth. This is especially important in today’s ecological environment. In addition to its anti-cancer benefits, the use of buckwheat reduces the risk of thrombosis, helps clean blood vessels from “bad” cholesterol and prevents the development of the cardiovascular disease.

To get maximum benefits from buckwheat to the body, recommended to eat buckwheat on breakfast so that complex carbohydrates provide energy for the next 2 – 3 hours and stay full longer.

How to prepare buckwheat?

Nutritionists say that buckwheat porridge should not be cooked in the boiled water, it has to be steamed. The truth that when buckwheat boiling it loses about 30% of its benefits. Simply put buckwheat in a container, add hot water and close container. Let it stay for 30-40 minutes until its ready.

Buckwheat diet, how good is it?

Many buckwheat diets promise a fast to lose weight in a short time. However, we don’t support mono diets. The best way to keep diet its simply add buckwheat in your daily meals using simple recipes.

For example, one of the easiest and delicious vegan buckwheat recipe:

Buckwheat with avocado.

Guiltfree Buckwheat diet

Mash half of the avocado (seasoned to taste), add 150g of cooked buckwheat and mix. Only a few minutes and an incredibly tasty and healthy dish on your table. Bon appetite!

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