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What to wear to a yoga class?

What to wear to a yoga class?

Following the idea of running a marathon, we choose running sneakers, together with a card to the fitness club we buy the new sportswear, and for the pool – a swimsuit and a cap. We also do the same when we start with yoga. If you decide to start or continue your practice, you can’t do without a special yoga outfit. We talked to experts and discovered what to wear to a yoga class.

What to wear to a yoga class?

First of all, you should feel comfortable. Neither hot nor cold, nothing should pull, push, or twist. The right size will allow you to focus on your breathing and practice. I’ve heard many times from the teachers that such small things as a hood or uncomfortable trousers are a serious distraction for beginners and their mat neighbors. So, first of all before choosing what to wear to a yoga class, look at the clothes for yoga in terms of convenience.

For beginners, the right clothes are also a guarantee of safety. “In yoga from the very beginning, it’s important how you work with the joints, so the instructor should always be able to see them and control the correct execution of asanas. Wide pants and blouses cover knees and elbows, cause injuries and mistakes.

When deciding what to wear to a yoga class, girls are best to choose leggings with medium or high fit, preferably tight. Men will fit shorts of medium length, not too tight, but also not too wide. In such clothes, the yoga instructor will be able to see your mistakes and correct asanas. Any T-shirt or figure top will suit both girls and men.

Sometimes the choice of clothes determines the direction of yoga. “The simplest example is a Hot Yoga, In a heated up to 40 degrees, wet room, where up to 50 other students practice together with you, the choice of the right set of clothes can be just vital. You shouldn’t wear clothes made of cotton on Hot Yoga: 10 minutes after the start of the class, they will be wet and will stick to the body. For such classes, choose specialized lines made of microfiber: this material instantly pushes moisture to the surface, is not felt on the body, forms a beautiful shape, keeps the color for years, does not stretch, and, of course, allows the body to breathe.

Less dynamic areas of practice such as Iyengar, Hatha and Jivamukti yoga lessons are not so demanding in the choice of fabric.  Choose light, simple things from weightless natural fabrics for them – and you’ll feel comfortable in the class. 

So, what requirements should be in what to wear to a yoga class?

  • The right clothes for yoga should be comfortable and not constraining movements.
  • The right clothes for yoga should repeat your silhouette.
  • The right clothes for yoga should be made of a material suitable for your activity.
  • The right clothes for yoga should be neat, not too straightforward, and transparent.
  • The right clothes for yoga should please you.

If you are satisfied with your training kit and it meets all of these requirements – great, practice in these clothes. If you don’t have bright enough, trendy leggings for a good lesson, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If clothes allow you to look and feel attractive, lift your spirits, and motivate you to go to class – great. In combination with productive practice, it will affect!

Preparing for a lesson is just as important as perseverance and effort during a workout. It doesn’t take much time to find the right set of clothes, and the comfort and convenience will be during each asana.

If you are just thinking of going to yoga class. 

  Many people are afraid to go to yoga because of a lack of flexibility or lack of physical shape. But practicing yoga doesn’t need to be flexible or athletic; everyone can do it. Yoga will make you more conscious and allow you to feel more control over your body and mind, and performing complicated poses and developing flexibility is more of an additional effect, but not an end in itself.

  Leave all doubts aside! In yoga classes for beginners, no one will expect you to sit in the lotus or reach the feet in a tilt – everyone there is just starting. It’s unlikely that someone on the next mat will perform complex asanas from magazines or on video. These people don’t go to beginner’s classes. And yoga teachers are there to provide you the fundamental knowledge and to ensure the safety of practice. Nothing is expected of you here but the most basic level.

   The fear of the unknown often keeps us from trying something new. Believe me, nothing will happen in a yoga class that you can’t cope with. Probably, you will be surrounded by people like you, people who came to the class for the first time or one of the first time. They want to be healthy and happy, just like you.


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